HungryBunz NFTs
5 min readOct 22, 2021

What Are HungryBunz?

HungryBunz is an upcoming series of ERC-721 tokens inspired by our desire to create innovative collectibles and tech which people can relate to, and interact with in exciting new ways.

As an owner of our HungryBunz NFTs, your job will be to assemble a team of Bunz and strategically send them on foraging missions, feed them, and even make trades in order to assemble a crack team of Chunky Bunnies. These Chunky Bunnies will be used to participate in ongoing events, contests, and future projects, so your HungryBunz collectibles will only become more desirable over time.

How Does it Work?

Upon minting your HungryBunz NFTs, you will receive algorithmically generated Skinny Bunnies with varying traits, rarities, and stats, which can provide substantial benefits for lucky minters, giving smaller HungryBunz holders an opportunity to compete with whales.

HungryBunz will all have the following stats, stored on-chain:

  • Growth Rate — Determines how much thiccer a Bun gets from eating 1 unit of food.
  • Critical Chance — Determines the likelihood that a Bun returns from a foraging mission with extra $NOM.
  • Critical Multiplier — Determines how much extra $NOM a Bun earns when Foraging.
  • Team Growth Rate — Increases how much thiccer ALL Bunz you hold get per unit of food.
  • Team Critical Chance — Stacks with individual Critical Chance, and Team Critical Chance for all other Bunz.
  • Team Critical Multiplier — Stacks with individual Critical Multiplier, and Team Critical Multiplier.

After minting, you can send your Skinny HungryBunz to Forage (our equivalent of staking) to accrue $NOM tokens. $NOM tokens will provide utility within the HungryBunz universe. Initially, holders will find utility in feeding mechanics which influence eligibility to receive hand drawn and animated 1/1 Chunky HungryBunz through the evolution system.

When you have fed your Skinny Bunnies enough, you can burn two skinny bunnies and summon a chunky bunny in their stead. Boosts to critical chances, critical multipliers, and growth rates will be added together and you will receive a Chunky HungryBunz with a random selection of visual attributes which the team considers to be superior to the trait selection for skinny HungryBunz.

As an incentive for holders to burn their $NOM to create Chunky Bunz, a limited supply of 1/1 NFTs with unique clothing, expressions, and animations will be available on a season-by-season basis. When you burn two skinny bunz to create a chunky bun there is a good chance that you will receive a 1/1 item, if they have not all been claimed.

After all legendary, one-of-a-kind bunz have been claimed, holders will have the option to keep progressing in the current season, or to prestige to vie for a new batch of 1/1s in the next season.

The Future of HungryBunz

Our plan in the long term is to continue producing art, lore, and supplemental collections and events to motivate continued engagement with the project in a sustainable, egalitarian way.

We are launching with a limited formal roadmap so that community members, whether they own a collectible or not, can offer their insight and vote on events, applications, and use cases in which they want to participate.

Our goal is to create a community of NFT enthusiasts who are actively engaging with their collectibles, and collaborate with community members who are developing their own projects to foster a better NFT space at large.


Mint (TBD): HungryBunz land on West Voralia. Attributes and stats will be generated and stored on-chain at mint time. Images will initially be available through our API to avoid delays due to IPFS uploads taking longer than expected. Though this implementation is not as “pure” as storing everything on chain, or everything on IPFS out of the gate, we believe this will afford the smoothest launch for our users.

Day 1 (After Mint): Reveal. Begin uploading HungryBunz images to IPFS for a slower, but more fault-tolerant storage solution. We will use IPFS for images as skinny bunz are 48x48, and chunky bunz are 64x64. Sadly, it is prohibitively expensive to store such large images on chain. Release foraging contract for community audit.

Foraging and Feeding contracts will be live on Day 1.

Day 2 : Update HungryBunz main contract to point to IPFS images once upload is complete.

Day 7: Should market conditions or our laid-back marketing strategy prevent the collection from selling out, mint will be closed 7 days after opening to ensure the secondary market doesn’t have to compete with an open mint.

Day 10: 1/1 Chunks should start appearing in the wild. Art for ephemeral companion pieces, and development for additional mechanics based on community feedback begins.

Day 15: Continued development of mechanics and in-universe items and companions. Interviews with creators and developers regarding functionality which stretches beyond the HungryBunz ecosystem on Ethereum Mainnet, begins. The nature of this functionality is subject to significant tweaks based on feedback from counsel and community preferences.

Day 30 — Day 40: A new adventure begins, with opportunities for holders who missed a 1/1 on the first adventure to secure a 1/1 inspired by a new chapter in the story of the HungryBunz. This date is subject to change depending on how long it takes holders to acquire all available 1/1 NFTs, as well as the number of participants who may prefer to evolve to a “standard” chunk without the possibility of securing a 1/1.

Day 45 — Day 60: The chunks are just the start. Rumor has it that even more powerful Bunz will be visiting the wallets of everyone holding a HungryBunz…

Potential Developments

In the spirit of “under promising and over delivering,” we have kept our formal roadmap concise. We also understand that frequently, projects don’t always end up with the holders that they expect. Where we might expect our holders to have an interest in games, storytelling, and international cuisine, we may find that our holders are actually more interested in virtual reality, puzzles, and blockchain technology.

We’ve compiled the following list of potential projects and expansions for the HungryBunz universe, which will be formally integrated into our roadmap as we get to know the specific interests and intentions of our holders in the days after mint.

  • HungryBunz VX — Voxelized iterations of existing HungryBunz or delivered as an entirely new collection with new attributes and aesthetics.
  • Deeper team mechanics for Foraging, with restrictions on team size and the ability to team up with other holders to achieve better team stats than would otherwise be feasible.
  • BvB (Bunz vs. Bunz) Mechanics — Depending on the needs and interests of our holders, we may explore mechanics involving “theft” or destruction of NFTs and $NOM utility tokens in later revisions of our contracts.
  • Breeding — With evolution mechanics potentially burning the supply of HungryBunz down to 4,444, we may have some great opportunities to instate Breeding given a sustainable level of demand for elements in the HungryBunz collection.
  • HB DAO — Pending input from legal counsel. We are budgeting a very large portion of mint proceeds for ongoing development. Between our team’s market knowledge, ample seed capital, and our interest in providing alpha to community members, we are keenly interested in opportunities for our holders to (more or less) passively leverage these skills and assets.
  • Liquidity Pools — Pending input from legal counsel.
  • Gaming — We are in contact with professional game developers who have been gracious enough to opine on the gameplay delivered on-chain with the core HungryBunz collection. Richer gameplay on a Web, Mobile, or PC & Console game is of considerable interest to our team, pending developments regarding other potential developments which may have substantial budgetary consequences.



HungryBunz NFTs

HungryBunz is an upcoming series of ERC-721 tokens inspired by our desire to create innovative collectibles and tech to which people can relate.